Repeat Pattern Workshop with MIND Charity.

Today, I worked with MIND Charity clients who had visited the very wonderful Turner’s House Museum in Twickenham a couple of weeks ago.  I went too and took photos of the many beautiful design features of the house and gardens to stimulate ideas for a repeat pattern workshop as part of MIND’s regular Monday art classes.

Using A5 photographs, cartridge paper, tracing paper, 2B pencils, felt-tips and coloured pencils, participants chose a photo they were interested in and carefully traced off a section of that image.  I demonstrated how to create a mirror repeat patterns.  We also talked a little about colour: colour opposites, or that they could use the colours of the images without changing them too much.  

It was such an enjoyable relaxing session.  Everyone worked really hard re-drawing the designs over and over again to create their patterns; choosing the colours that stimulated them to create such impressive results. 

#patterns #mentalhealth #museums #workshops #repeatpatterns #drawing # colour #twickenham

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