Museum Drawing Workshops

I have worked at Gunnersbury Park Museum on a few occasions now. On Saturday I ran a second Historic Life Drawing session; this time in the Rothschild Suite, a stunningly ornate drawing-room over-looking rolling grounds in South West London. Participants had the opportunity to draw a life model in character. She wore a silk and brocade day dress and posed as former resident Princess Amelia who lived on site in 18th century.

Last year, in the historic 19th century kitchens, we were treated to a maid making meal preparations. A large group observed her moving from cast iron range, to scrubbed pine table preparing herbs and cutting vegetables. They used pastels, inks, pens, pencils and charcoal to create stunning images.

At Christmas time, we were treated to an abundance of kitchenalia and winter vegetation such as holly and ivy to draw. I set-up a large seasonal still-life from museum stock. The group were able to be up-close-and-personal with replica food, Edwardian cookware and utensils as they spent an afternoon recording beautiful objects in an inspiring setting. I asked the model to hold shorter, medium and lonerg poses and even moving ones, as she carried out asks. Participants who attended both sessions, had the chance to see ‘above and below stairs’ and across different centuries. The resulting drawings speak for themselves.

#drawing #art #still-life #museums #workshops #life-drawing #pastels #history #kitchens #artist #teaching #ink #pencils #sketching

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