My Work

I am an Artist based in south west London.

I trained in Fine Art, sculpture and now paint in oils. My paintings are inspired by natural forms and by 1950’s 60’s and 70’s design. With a father in the forces, we travelled around and lived in many different houses; it is often the wallpaper I remember from these spaces. There’s sometimes something else going on in my paintings, a story evolves in my mind and I try to take a snap-shot of it in paint, and reproduce an event, or something I’ve imagined in time.  The story within The Keeper, A Crow Painting is something I have gone back to in recent work, eliminating the surface pattern and concentrating on the bird and what it represents to me.

A recent move away from still-life and into landscape and symbolism. This piece is almost finished and I have been influenced by Turner’s skies, Michelangelo’s hands, Botticelli’s Venus, Hokusai’s wave.