Biography and Links

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I work in oils and mixed media on canvas, using encaustic (wax added to the paint) to create texture or 3D areas. I take inspiration from the local area, and enjoy re-creating the plants and wildlife I find in Bushy and Richmond Parks, or along the Thames riverside. I have been very influenced by art and design from the 1950’s, 1960’s and 1970’s and collect ceramics from this period. With a parent in the forces, we moved about a lot as a family and my work reflects the many spaces we lived in, painting retro still-lives and interiors. Recently, I have moved away from the spaces of my childhood in my work, and am exploring coastal areas we spend time in as a family now.

I have exhibited my work regionally and in France and sell through art fairs and by commission.

Working in Industry before moving into Teaching

I left University with a BA hons in Fine Art, making sculptures using: ceramics, wool, tar, glass, wood and steel. Initially, I worked in industry, firstly in animation as a Paint and Trace artist for Geoff Dunbar at Granslamm Animation. Then, I spent a year living in Devon and did PA work for sculptor Peter Randall Page, and animation work for King Rollo Films. Soon after, I was recruited to work in the educational wing of Richmond Council’s Recycling Department, where I ran educational events to promote sustainability in the borough, and beyond. The largest of these was an interactive play for children promoting the kerbside recycling collection scheme, which toured borough schools for 4 years.

After this, I completed a PGCE teaching qualification from Westminster College / Oxford University, and moved into running educational workshops at RHACC College for adults with physical and learning disabilities and for those with psychiatric issues.

I got into museum education in a round-about way. An architect friend was working on a restoration project and recommended me for a job in the Textile Conservation Studio at Hampton Court Palace, restoring some fire damaged tapestries. Later, I moved into Museum Education at the palace, initially by volunteering in the Education Department welcoming school groups to The Clore Learning Centre. Since 2011, I have enjoyed working at Orleans House Gallery devising and delivering 2D and 3D creative workshops, both on-site and peripatetically, for young people and adults, pupils not in mainstream education, looked after children, students with special needs and mental health issues.

Through this exciting work, I have also begun work with Turner’s House Museum collaborating with MIND Charity Richmond on two projects. I also run adult life-drawing workshops at Gunnersbury Park Museum – continuing in the new academic year. In addition, I organised summer workshops at Strawberry Hill House, and curated two exhibitions there, one using QR code technology to showcase GCSE work of local schools and another featuring the house Sewing Bees costumes. I also ran The Arts Award program at the house, a course for young-carers, who explored the house and made art about the its gothic interior, creating beautiful portfolios of study with a 100% pass-rate.

I have collaborated with industry on a variety of exciting projects over the years. Whilst with Richmond Council, I devised a fashion show with young people from Greater London. I provided them with materials from the council Scrap Store. Students created pieces for a large-scale fashion show featuring outfits made from unusual discarded household waste, including television wires, fish-skins and teabags. The show was a big success and reviewed by BBC Radio and The Independent Newspaper. Afterwards, I was invited by Red Or Dead Shoes to collaborate on another Rags to Riches scrap fashion show in Wandsworth. A most interesting collaboration was The National Physical Laboratory and a local primary school, who created beautiful cellular art using electron-microscopes at the facility. Later, I worked at Orleans Park School and collaborated with local Patisserie Valerie who showcased Textile students’ Story Teacup artwork in the shop window.


I offer a range of courses in drawing, painting, printing, textiles, ceramics and sculpture from my home and the museums above. I also offer 1-2-1’s with students wanting to refresh their portfolio, or wishing to learn new art and design skills. I am pleased to have helped students improve their work and to achieve better grades in art courses at all levels. I have an up-to-date DBS / CRB, and can be contacted via the Contact page above.

Peter Randall-Page, King Rollo Films, Geoff Dunbar Animation with Granslamm, Richmond Council Recycling, RHACC, Hampton Court Palace, Orleans House Gallery, Turner’s House Museum MIND Charity Richmond, Gunnersbury Park Museum, Strawberry Hill House, The Arts Award, Red Or Dead Shoes, National Physical Laboratory, Patisserie Valerie